Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor of Sociology, Payamnoor University


The present study is essentially a research in the field of social psychology and studies the status of youth value orientations in Sanandaj (18-29), which reflects the transcendental and desirable goals and their priorities and beliefs in relation to identity styles. The research method is descriptive-analytic, correlative, applied, survey and cross-sectional (second half 2018). The sample size was 345 and sampling was done by multi-stage cluster sampling. The empirical findings indicated a significant and positive relationship between the style of information identification with the dimensions of oppenness to change and the index of success in the self-enhancing dimension of cultural values; a normative style with a conservative dimension and finally, the style of diffused identification with cultural values ​​in relation to emphasis on individual interests such as values ​​related to self-improvement. Theoretically, it can be pointed out that, despite the focus on distinct aspects, there is a kind of theoretical and content integrity and overlapping hypotheses, especially in relation to human motivations in these two typologies (identity styles and cultural values) and theoretical discussion in direction of the self, identity and culture. Such a situation can most often be construed as Weberian debate as "selective relationship" (Saboori, 2009) between identity styles and cultural values.


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