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This paper examines the discursive structure of Hashemiye Rafsanjani s state welfare discourse in the years 1368- 1376. [t is intended to find out and demonstrate all the main elements of the welfare discourse through Interpretation and recognition of meanings of the discourse examined in its socio-historical context. The significant of is study can be explained by the fact that social welfare has always been one of the outrnost criteria of assessing the amount of achievement of all states. It is also a common interest of the states and citizens. This study is methodological based• on Focult s andFercluagh s discourse analysis approach and method. Ferclogh distinguishes three levels of discourse analysis including descriptive, interpretive and explanatory levels. This paper consists of definition of the problem, literature review, and methodology and the data analysis. It is discussed and argued that the social welfare policies of Development Discourse of Rafsanjani state were oriented towards and focused on economical welfare factors such as housing: social insurance, work, and subsides. In this discourse other aspects of welfare such as political factors were ignored and excluded form the state policies