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Research tools are not neutral. They are based on a theory, a philosophical anthropology, and a conception of social order. The research methods adopted represent the nature of research subject. Theory and method are inseparable. Qualitative approach to social research implies that what appears to be external and objective, is in fact socially constructed. Rather than considering objective social structures as the standard basis for social interpretation, a qualitative approach emphasizes the role played by human action. Grounded theory as a kind of qualitative research aims for discovering theory from empirical data and is based on empirical induction. The main elements of grounded theory in elude concepts, categories, and statements. Theoretical sampling and category comparison are the methodological bases on which grounded theory is established. The oretical sampling allows researcher to simultaneously collect, code and analyze his/her data. This all, while demanding researchers' self-consciousness and self• criticism, provides qualitative research with more flexibility in adopting new ideas and in the research process per se.